Community Blog: Fun and Friendships.

In a month with many reasons to celebrate, June is also filled with a distinguished history. The Idea of summertime gets bigger the closer we get to July. June 21st, the first day of summer, oh what a feeling. Schools out, family vacations, and festivals bring about the opportunity to create lifelong memories. Juneteenth is a recognition of the basic rights we know to be our birthright, the freedom to choose the destiny of our lives. Pride month is the acknowledgment of the people's desires to express their ideas of love. There aren't many other ways to indulge in the height of the human experience than to share it with friends. The beaches, sunsets, or nights full of laughter echo throughout time and generations to be shared as pillars of tranquility. Many will search the books of history to find identification, while others sit and stare into the future, somewhere in between lies the truth.

Original Groundbreakers Co-Op, Inc. stands by the principles of transporting all patrons to their destination safely, respectfully, and professionally. Beyond the dreams of money and cars, experiences that enliven one's spirits with child-like wonder are the moments that bring us closer to harmony. The feeling of riding along without a care or stress is the guarantee OGC offers every client. The details of life fade into the background when we take a moment to shelter our happiness from the cruel and harsh realities that seek to devour our inner light. The curves in the road of life, the twist and turns force us to face the strength of the character within.

Our Black car service is the vehicle to transport you to a groundbreaking experience that gives a new meaning to luxury. Like all the reasons to celebrate June, we offer all patrons the opportunity to create their memorable history as well as build future friendships along the way. Guaranteed!

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