About Us

Ride confidently, knowing that no matter where your destination lies, a high-quality experience is the primary focus of the Original Groundbreakers team throughout your trip. A common saying state that the journey is equally as important as the destination. We wholly believe that and aim to provide each patron with a five-star chauffeur experience. 


The idea sprung out of necessity as owner and founder, Ras-Tafari Ferguson, became aware of his blindness due to a rare ocular disease known as Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). This circumstance caused Ferguson to become incapable of driving himself. 


While the situation was already unfortunate, it became difficult for Ferguson to find ways to move around town. After years of relying on family and friends with limited time and dealing with poor ride-share services experiences, Ferguson’s condition inspired him to create Original Groundbreakers Co-Op, Inc. — a luxury chauffeur service committed to safety and trust and validated by experienced and certified drivers. 


With Original Groundbreakers as the solution, Ferguson is extending his knowledge and experience to others by committing to making each customer’s trip safe, unique, and extraordinary. 



At Original Ground Breakers, we aim to provide clients with a luxurious chauffeur experience while guaranteeing timeliness, comfort, safety, and unforgettable memories during each trip.


  • All drivers go through extensive background checks.

  • Drivers are Orlando police department certified. 

  • Professional driver number.

  • All drivers have at least five years experience in the hospitality industry.



  • Prestigious customer service

  • Professional attire

  • Prioritizes safety and punctuality

Our Drivers